chinese sizzling rice soup

For a while I’d been interested in this recipe for Chinese Chicken Sizzling Rice soup on my favorite food blog ever, Use Real Butter. I was never able to find the sizzling rice, though, and so I gave up on it. But I found the stuff (or thought I did) the other day at a huge Asian market, and got excited to try it.

chinese sizzling rice soup

Little did I know, I don’t think this was actually the right sizzling rice. It at least didn’t work for me. It did not sizzle or even soften in the soup, and I had to throw it back on the burner to get it to soften up.  I had to use up this fried tofu as well – bad idea – it turned out to be too bland in this simple soup.

chinese sizzling rice soup

It sucks it didn’t turn out, and I think next time I definitely need to try it with chicken and the other brand of sizzling rice cakes. I ate it up but I think this fried tofu just needs a much more flavor-packed place to be. (Years ago I had an authentic homemade Chinese light chicken broth soup with some type of fried tofu, though, and it was fantastic. Since then I’ve never been able to recreate it. Go figure. *tear*)

Now I just need a way to use up the rest of my fried tofu and snow peas…

Chicken Sizzling Rice Soup

from: Use Real Butter

2 quarts chicken broth
1/2 lb. chicken breast, sliced against the grain
2 cups snow peas, trimmed and washed
fried rice cakes (1-2 per bowl)
white pepper to taste

Bring broth to boil over high heat. Add chicken and stir to separate the slices. When chicken is nearly cooked, add the snow peas. Remove from heat. Ladle soup into bowls and sprinkle crushed rice cakes over the soup. Season to taste with white pepper.



  1. I recommend you use the fried tofu in a spicy broth along with lots of veggies and maybe sliced lamb. That’s what we do – similar to Chinese style hot pot. It will be gone in no time!

    1. That sounds great. I’m always looking for good, real Chinese recipes – they’re hard to find because everyone here just wants another recipe for restaurant orange chicken or beef with broccoli. :P

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